Ingolstadt Village

Experiential Shopping Destination

Location: Munich, Germany

Opened: 2005

Area: 221,000 sq ft


Ingolstadt Village is located approximately one hour from Munich, and is at the heart of Bavaria, the wealthiest region in Germany. The area surrounding the Village is the most popular tourist region in Germany for sophisticated international travellers, and enjoys the highest purchasing power in the country.

With hand-painted detailing drawn from the German decorative arts tradition of the period, the buildings and public spaces of Wertheim Village interweave art and industry, creating a shopping venue unique in all of Europe.

In recognition of the important role it has in the region as a tourist destination, Ingolstadt Village is an official partner of the National Tourist Board of Germany.

In 2016 Ingolstadt Village was awarded ‘The Best Outlet in Germany’ by German business magazine Focus Money.

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